AP Exam Information


Parents/students, click on the following link to go directly to our sign-in page for the AP 2018 exams: 




This is the same link found on your pink card. On the left, you will see Order AP Exams. Follow their directions.


**Online Registration Instructions**

For questions, please email tjohansen@cr.k12.ia.us

This week all students registered in any AP class should have received a pink post card (hold up if you have one), a voice mail from Mr. Cline, and an email from Mr. Cline and Mrs. Johansen regarding online registration for this spring's AP exams. Please read carefully the postcard for instructions for the online sign-up. If you are f/r (free or reduced), you DO NOT need to contact Mrs. Johansen, you just add your code where indicated on-line. If you want financial help information, then please email Mrs. Johansen. All your AP teachers also have the information and can help you with questions. They also have copies of the pink postcard in case any of you did not receive one. Let's finish our AP Program philosophy by getting everyone signed up for exams!!!

For questions, please email tjohansen@cr.k12.ia.us

Please note the following dates on your 2018 spring calendar:


1) Online registration for the May AP exams has begun and will continue until March 2.

2) A pink postcard detailing instructions for registration will be mailed home the week of Jan. 22.

3) A robo call to parents will go out Sunday evening, January 28, with the same information.

4) Classroom visits to every AP class will begin the week of February 12 and continue the week of the 19th.

5) A follow-up email for parents will be sent the week of February 19th.

6) Preadministration for the exams will be the week of April 16 in the morning in the cafeteria and by grade.

7) Exams are the week of May 7 and May 14. This is a week later than normal, so it gives you another week for preparation. Make-up/late exams are May 23-25.


For questions, please email tjohansen@cr.k12.ia.us



Directions to ELSC


Prep for Exam Day