The Business Department award has the following criteria to determine Honors Recipients: 

  • A minimum of five medal credits must be earned (see below for credits)
  • The student must have am minimum gpa of 3.0 in the business classes taken.
  • The award is a medal with your name professionally engraved from the Washington Business Department 
  • In addition, two seniors each year from the list of medal recipients will receive department award plaques on Senior Recognition Night

Please see Mr. Wood for more details on the following classes and sign up!

  • Accounting - Honors course, 2 medal credits
  • Sales and Marketing - 1 medal credit
  • Computer Science - 1 medal credit
  • Business Law - 1 medal credit
  • AP Computer Science Principles - Honors course, 4 medal credits
  • Entrepreneurship 1 medal credit
  • Computer Essentials 1 medal credit
  • Money Management 1 medal credit
  • Personal Finance 1 medal credit
  • Sports and Entertainment Marketing 1 medal credit
  • Video Game Marketing and Design 1 medal credit
  • Web Design 1 medal credit

Wood, Jason