Freshman Orientation Night!


George Washington High School Class of 2025

Incoming 9th Grade Orientation

March 9, 2021


5:30 - 5:48    Keynote: Mr. Darius Ballard, Principal


Learn about course choices at these sessions with departments:


Session 1


Session 2

6:04 - 6:16

Session 3

6:18 - 6:30

Session 4

6:32 - 6:44

Session 5

6:46 - 6:58


Pick one option for each time slot. You may go to as many or as few as you wish. Click on the name of the session you want to attend to be taken to a Google Meet link. Staff from those departments will have a brief session including time for Q and A. Any questions that do not get answered can be emailed to the facilitators by clicking on their name.


Presenters will be following the times above. Please login at the beginning so you don’t miss a presentation and save questions for the Q&A portion. 


Available Sessions

What will be discussed?

Core Course Offerings

Math Options - Mr. Cruise

Social Studies Options - Mr. Scherrman

Language Arts Options - Ms. Tinkham 

Science Options - Dr. Larson & Ms. Sizemore

PE Options - Mr. Hatcher


Learn about the sequence of courses, co-curricular opportunities, and elective options in those departments

Elective Offerings


Ms. Schmelzer


Business & Computer Science - Mr. Wood & Ms. Smith


Family & Consumer Science

Ms. Stekl 


Music - 

Band: Mr. Miller, Mr. Nagel

Choir: Ms. Farley, Mr. Westphalen

Orchestra: Mr. Steffen


World Languages-


Learn about growing as an artist with the best art team in the state!


Learn about the world of business and finance and how to get involved in FBLA


Learn about our amazing foods program and how to earn professional certifications in HS!


Our music program has a rich history and options for all ability levels. Learn about how you can find your place in our amazing programs.


Meet the teachers of our different languages and find out about what a 4-year program would look like for you.


French    - Ms. Nichol                    German - Ms. Stoll    

Japanese  - Ms. Squires                Spanish - Ms. Niffenegger    

Russian - Mr. Harte

Special Education Offerings


Mr. Fitzgerald


Behavior Focus - 

Ms. Derrick 


Our Special Education Department is here to serve individual student needs. Ask teachers about what their programs look like and what we do at Washington High School to ensure success for every student.

Special Sessions


iJAG - 

Ms. Alyssa Edler 


WHS Activities - 

Mr. Schultz - Activities Director


WHS Counselors-

Ms. Byers and Ms. Wosoba



iJAG is a class that focuses on Career/ Employability skill building and college readiness. Some of the areas we focus on:

  • learning about the different careers 

  • Writing a resume/cover letter & interviewing for jobs

  • team building, leadership, & public speaking skills

  • community service projects

  • post-secondary planning


Learn about sports, co-curricular activities, and clubs. How to get signed up for summer sports and take advantage of all WHS has to offer.




Any questions you might have about graduation requirements, registration for courses, changing your course requests, etc… can be answered by our friendly Warrior Counselors! 

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