Soccer Men

Instructed by J.P. Graham  or     558-3415 (School) 550-7833 (Cell)

Location: Room 156

Assistant Coaches: 
Mike Drinkall (JV1) 573-5483                     To receive practice/game schedule alert TEXT to 81010
Boris Licona  (JV2) 928-345-8611                                               Player message: @kkgcg9
                                                                                                     Parent message:  @gcg4fa

Registration is online this year   Be sure you use Chrome.

Here is a guide to help you out:

You must be registered before you can practice. First day of practice is March 15th.


The Clothes order website:   (due March 17th) 

Parent meeting with Coach Graham: March 11th, 2021.  7:00 pm  I'll send out a google meet link.

Leadership and Communication (Parent Committees, Texting, Facebook):

Practice Schedule link to the right: /assets/32/6/Updated_Warrior_Soccer_Master_Schedule.docx

Player Information and Donation Form: /assets/32/6/Player_Info_and_Donation.docx  (Due March 26)

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2021 Varsity



2019 3rd Place in the State!!!



2016_New_long_Sleeves4th Place in the State (2016)





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Statistics for All Teams in State

Warrior Soccer Record Book

2019 Record Book  /assets/32/6/CR_Washington_Warrior_Record_Book_2019.docx

2018 Record Book /assets/32/6/2018_Warrior_Soccer_Record_Book.docx

2017 Record Book /assets/32/6/CR_Washington_Warrior_Record_Book_2017.docx

2016 Record Book /assets/32/6/CR_Washington_Warrior_Record_Book_2016.docx

2015 Record Book -->/assets/32/6/CR_Washington_Men_Soccer_Stats_2015.docx

2014 Record Book  
2013 Record Book

2012 Record book

2011 Record Book
2010 Record Book
2009 Record Book
2008 Record Book
Warrior Record Book 2002-2007


All-State Selections (From 2002-Present)

All-State Selections


Keaton Woods- 1st Team All-State; Des Moines Register Player of Year (All-American) 2019

Brooks Papendick- 2nd Team All-State  2019

Grant Knutson- Honorable Mention All-State 2019

Keaton Woods - 1st Team All-State 2018 (DM Register Elite Team)

Andrew Hammer- 2nd Team All-State 2018

Andrew Hammer - 1st Team All State  2017 

Keaton Woods - 1st Team All-State  2017

A.J. Patterson 2nd Team All-State  2016

Augie Bergstrom Honorable Mention 2015

Gunnar Lenzen 2nd Team All-State 2015




Jacob Bjornsen 1st Team All-State 2014
Mike Eken  1st Team All-State 2014
Gunnar Lenzen  2nd Team All-State 2014
Austin Bergstrom 1st Team All-State, NSCAA All-American 2013
Jacob Bjornsen  1st Team All-State 2013
Austin Bergstrom 1st Team All-State 2012
Kimu Kasha 2nd Team All-State 2012
Brandon Besong 1st Team All-State 2011
Camron Harrison 2nd Team All-State 2011
Brandon Besong - 1st Team All-State 2010
Josh Jensen- 2nd Team All-State 2010
Jacob Johnson - 1st Team All-State 2009
Hunter Kennedy - 1st Team, Captain, Gatorade Player of the Year (Iowa) 2008
Hunter Kennedy 1st Team All-State, Captain 2007
Cody Jandik 1st Team All-State 2006
Paki O'Meara 2nd-Team All-State 2006
Brad Oja 2nd-Team All-State 2004
Mike Herzberger 1st-Team All-State 2003
Eku Materania 2nd Team All-State 2003
Mike Nelson 1st-Team All-State



Iowa All-State Tournament Team

2019 Keaton Woods and Merci Ngiriweneza

2016 A.J. Patterson                             2014 Jacob Bjornsen                         2008 Jacob Johnson
2016 Emmanuel Hidalgo-Wohhleben  2014 Gunnar Lenzen                         2008 Hunter Kennedy


All- Academic All-State

All-Academic All-State

Lars Andersland and Joe Jonasson  1st Team 2020

Grant Knutson, Rami Scheetz, and Brooks Papendick 1st Team 2019

Nano Burke 1st Team 2018

Andrew Hammer Honorable Mention 2018

Emmanuel Hidalgo-Wohlleben 1st Team   2017


Augie Bergstrom and Ethan Hammer    1st Team All-State

Gunnar Lenzen & Cole Malcolm   1st Team All-State



Jacob Bjornsen  1st Team All-State 2014
Mike Eken 1st Team All-State 2014
Peter Holmes 1st Team All-State 2013
Jack Sundermann and Austin Bergstrom Honorable Mention 2013
Charlie Parks -1st Team All-State 2011
Connor O'Neil- 1st Team All-State 2010
Dan Williams - 1st Team All-State 2010
Gabe Frana - 1st Team All-State 2009
Sheldon Bazzell - 2nd Team All-State 2009
Ben Sines 1st Team All-State 2007
Adam Pochobradsky 1st-Team All-State 2006
Mike Mehlhoff 1st-Team All-State 2006
Tyler Wolgast 1st Team All-State 2006


Coaching Awards

2016 MVC Conference Coach of the Year & 2016 Metro Coach of the Year- J.P. Graham & Staff

2014 MVC Conference Coach of the Year - J.P. Graham and Staff
2010 MVC Conference Coach of the Year- J.P. Graham and Staff
2009 MVC Conference Coach of the Year - J.P. Graham and staff
2008 MVC Conference Coach of the Year- J.P. Graham and staff
2008 All-Metro Coach of the Year - J.P. Graham and Staff
2007 MVC Conference Coach of the Year- J.P. Graham and Staff
2006 All-Metro Coach of the Year - J.P. Graham and staff